Aqui está a lista de evasores gregos que tem sido noticiada

A lista completa é de 1991 pessoas. Entretanto, tem sido divulgada esta lista de 36:


List contains the names of 36 former and sitting MPs and ministers, mainly from New Democracy and Pasok

A website has published the names of 36 current and former politicians and ministers being audited or investigated by the Financial and Economic Crime Unit (SDOE) for financial irregularities and suspicious acquisition of wealth.

The list was published on Thursday on the website.

The publication of the list has generated considerable controversy as none of those included on it are guilty of any wrongdoing and unless convicted cannot be accused of unlawful activity.

Financial prosecutor Grigoris Peponis on Friday ordered an urgent probe into the leak of a list, as the list of names appeared Friday on a news blog on the internet.

He assigned prosecutor Katerina Antoniou to conduct a probe into who leaked the document.

In the meantime, Supreme Court chief prosecutor Ioannis Tentes ordered prosecutor Eleni Raikou to conduct an urgent preliminary investigation into the continued leaks of SDOE material.

The list, which also includes New Democracy's Karmanlis Foundation research institute, is as follows:

Nikoloas Andrianopoulos Former finance minister general secretary.

Ioannis Anthopoulos (Pasok) Former deputy education minister. The investigation began in April 2012 and concerns his involvement as legal counsel to a number of companies which the SDOE were auditing. A request has been made to open his bank accounts.

Dimitris Apostolakis (Pasok) Former defence minister under Kostas Simitis.

Fotis Arvanitis (Pasok) Former MP for Fokida.

Antonis Bezas (ND) Former MP for Thesprotia (2000–2009). SDOE audit following complaints.

Marina Chrysoveloni (Independent Greeks) MP for Magnesia. The SDOE in Thessaly is carrying out an audit.

Panayiotis Fasoulas (Pasok) Former MP and mayor of Piraeus. Audit started after SDOE received complaints.

Filippos Fountis (Ecogreens) Parliamentary candidate in the 2012 elections. The SDOE in Thessaly began an audit on 23 April 2012 and is currently writing the report.

Apostolos Fotiadis (Pasok) Former deputy finance minister. Investigation follows a complaint of illegal enrichment. An audit of his income and expenditure has been made for the years 2000-2012 and on the properties he has declared in his tax return. A request has been made for bank account data.

Michalis Halkidis (ND) Former MP for Imathia and former mayor of Meliki. Audit on the basis of an allegation of illegal enrichment.

Nikitas Kaklamanis (ND) Former mayor of Athens and current MP. The period being audited concerns his time as mayor and is as a result of a complaint received by the SDOE in June 2012 concerning Athens municipal radio (98.4 FM), declaration of income statements and illegal deposits abroad. The audit has not begun.

Panos Kammenos (former ND, now Independent Greeks leader) Under examination for the period he was New Democracy MP. The SDOE will open his bank accounts after it has received the relevant order from prosecutors.

Michalis Karchimakis (Pasok) Former Pasok national council secretary. The SDOE is acting on an anonymous complaint alleging illegal enrichment on his part and that he owns three hotels in Ierapetra, which may not be in his name.

Nikos Konstantopoulos (Synaspismos) Former leader of Synaspismos (Left Coalition), which is now the core element in Syriza (Radical Left Coalition).

Michalis Liapis (New Democracy) Former transport and culture minister. Being audited on foot of a complaint about illegal enrichment.

Konstantinos Liaskas Former public works minister (1989-90) in Xenophon Zolotas' coalition government.

Tasos Mandelis (Pasok) Former transport and communications minister. The SDOE is carrying out a tax audit and bank account inspection in relation to the Siemens bribery scandal.

Petros Mantouvalos (ND) Lawyer and former MP for Piraeus (2000–2007). Being audited on the basis of an allegation of illegal enrichment.

Evangelos Meimarakis (ND) Current parliamentary speaker. SDOE audit on the strength of complaints received.

Thanasis Nakos (ND) Deputy parliamentary speaker. The SDOE investigation began on 15 March 2012 and is at the data-collection stage.

Yiorgos Orfanos (ND) Former MP for Thessaloniki. Audit relates to his time as deputy sports minister (2004-2007).

Fevronia Patrianakou (ND) MP for Lakonia. Subject of an audit on the basis of a complaint received by the Inspectorate for the Control of Public Administration(SEEDD).The banks have been requested to provide her bank account data.

Yiannos Papantoniou (Pasok) Former finance and defence minister. His wife is also being audited. The investigation, which began on the orders of a prosecutor, is awaiting account data from the banks.
Yiorgos Patoulis Mayor of Marousi. Under audit on the basis of allegations of illegal enrichment.

Ioannis Sbokos (Pasok) Former MP and general secretary at the defence ministry. Investigation on the basis of a prosecutor's order.

Aris Spiliotopoulos (ND) Former education ministry and current MP. Audit ordered after an anonymous complaint was received. The tax office is seeking his source of income declaration and the banks have been asked to hand over bank account data.

Spilios Spiliotopoulos (ND) Former defence minister (2004–2006), the period for which he is being audited.

Nikos Tagaris (ND) Former prefect of Corinthia and current MP for the same area. Audit launched on 14 October 2011 and the SDOE is currently collecting data from banks.

Elpida Tsouri (Pasok) Former MP and deputy minister of maritime affairs, Aegean and fisheries. Under investigation for her period as MP.

Akis Tsochatzopoulos (Pasok) Former defence minister. Currently on remand awaiting trial.

Leonidas Tzanis (Pasok) Former deputy interior minister. Controlled by SDOE Thessaloniki. Investigation launched on 31 May 2012 and the SDOE is currently collecting data from banks and analysing his source of income declaration.

Christos Verelis (Pasok) Former transport and communications minister. Audit underway after complaint was received.

Eliza Vozemberg (ND) Former MP for Athens A constituency.

Yiorgos Voulgarakis (ND) Former public order, culture and merchant marine minister. Investigation at the request (18 July 2012) of the financial prosecutor. The accounts of him and his wife are to be opened. Case at an early stage.

Alexandros Voulgaris (Pasok) Former MP for Magnesia. Under audit by the SDOE in Thessaly, which is currently collecting data.

Christos Zachopoulos Former general secretary of culture ministry under New Democracy.

Karamanlis Foundation Audit underway at New Democracy's research institute for mismanagement.

According to other reports, the SDOE is investigating four other politicial figures:

George Zanias Former caretaker finance minister.

Mariliza Xenoyiannakopoulou (Pasok) Former deputy foreign minister.

Yannis Maniatis (Pasok) Former deputy environment minister.

Spyros Travlos Former secretary general for armaments (2002) under Kostas Simitis.


There has been strong reaction from some of those names appear on the lists.

Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos vigorously denied that he owns real estate in Galaxidi, noting that the properties being looked at by SDOE have been in his family "for decades". He said he hoped his name was on the list due to an oversight.

Christos Verelis said that these days " everyone seems to be hunting everyone".

Marina Chrysoveloni called for a speedy completion of the investigation of all the cases pending SDOE cases involving political figures.

In a letter to deputy finance minister responsible for the SDOE, George Mavraganis, former Athens mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis said that his name was contained in the list on the basis of "anonymous and totally unfounded charges".

He claimed that the officer of mayor had nothing to do with the financial management of Athens municipal radio, which was is governed by an interparty board of directors and chairman.

He demanded a full investigation into all the accusations in order to expose what he said was a campaign of slander against him. He added that he would take legal action based on the results. (Additional reporting AMNA)

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