3. SPRING FORBIDDEN / SPRING CONQUERED - Newroz 2012, an historical day for Kurdish people

[ Continued from post 2 ]

And if we cannot use the streets, we will march through the fields.

From different directions, people are converging to the area of the park. There is information that the police barriers around the park have been broken and people start to gather there in great number.

Our two buses, empty now, have managed to turn around the city and will pick us further on, in order to take us through the streets leading to the park, which have now been open by the people. 

During this last kilometer, the population on the streets or from their houses greets the buses of BDP.

Everyone is now leading to Newroz Park by different means. There is a sense of victory and happiness in the air.

On our way, we see the police barriers torn down.

The police had placed around the park a great number of mobile units for intercepting and blocking telecommunications. All of them have been, let’s say, somehow “intercepted and blocked” by the population and this intelligence equipment was put off service.

Our buses finally reach Newroz Park.

[ To be continued on post 4 ]

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