4. SPRING FORBIDDEN / SPRING CONQUERED - Newroz 2012, an historical day for Kurdish people

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Arriving at the park, we realize how huge is the crowd.

The stage is still there. On the left side decoration there is a picture of the statue of Zakia Alkan, the women who set herself on fire to protest against the Turkish ban on Newroz. It could not be more symbolic for this day. 
The stage is full of people because it cannot be used for the speakers. The day before, the police have confiscated all the sound equipment that was installed, in order to prevent any speeches.

But BDP still have the buses with its sound systems. So, it will be from the roof of the buses that the speakers (party leaders, members of Parliament, local elected authorities) will address the crowd.

Even people from the guerrilla had spoken, their face covered for security reasons. Many of the speakers of previous commemorations have been charged and put in prison because of their participation on Newroz commemorations.

The Kurdish leaders consider the victory of this day a milestone on their long fight for freedom and democracy. Newroz 2012 is an event of major importance that will remain in the history of Kurdish nation.

However, the day is not finished. 

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