5. SPRING FORBIDDEN / SPRING CONQUERED - Newroz 2012, an historical day for Kurdish people

[ Continued from post 4 ]

After the meeting, when we leave the park, police is waiting. And the people are again attacked with a violent intervention.

There is an aggressed woman left faint on the street and we take her inside the bus.

Then, with the help of the mayor of Diyarbakir, Osman Baydemir (a respected lawyer and human rights activist, member of BDP) she is taken to a car and transported to the hospital.

Anyway, we could not move on. The police block the buses, we are obliged to get out and the buses are confiscated. 

We continue our way back walking. 

Meanwhile, we were informed that in Istanbul violent clashes took place and that BDP Executive board member Haci Zengin had died, hit in the head by a gas bomb thrown by the police, while many others were heavily injured.

There are hundreds of arrests both in Istanbul and Diyarbakir. People expect more violent actions and persecutions from the oppressing administration during next weeks.

But one does not need to have a PhD degree in history or sociology to understand that the Kurdish people will never surrender on the fight for freedom, democracy and their legitimate culture rights.
And that they "shall overcome some day".

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